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"In no uncertain terms am I but humbled by your review of my work.  I thank you for the time and effort you put into this review.  I love the summation and believe you hit it right on the head.  Very thorough and to the point." -- Robert J. Cornell, Breaking Ground: The Horeb Anomaly

* "Thank you so much for the beautiful review of my book, your kind words, and the way you handled the project." -- Eduardo Chapunoff , Morbid Obesity: Will You Allow It To Kill You?

* "I really appreciate your quick turnaround on this. It is so well written.  And you certainly understood the book so well." -- Ted Bacino, The Shakespeare Conspiracy: A Novel About the Greatest Literary Deception of All Time

* "Thank you very much for the in-depth review ! You have done a great job." -- Dr. Robert Peprah-Gyamfi, Growing Up in a Small African Village

* "A pretty damn well written review. I'm, used to seeing these by now---but that's a really good one. Very well executed, an perceptive, if I may say?" -- Jeffrey Friedberg, Lost Relic Of The Gods

* "I have been remiss in not thanking you and telling you how pleased I am with the service you provided for me and my recent book, The Gathering of the Clan.  but, I am . . . And I do! It looks like a "good launch", thanks in large part to you. Should you need a recommendation in the future, please feel free to give my name." --Thomas Richard Harry, The Gathering of the Clan

* "Thank you for all you did.  I appreciate the great job." --  Michael Wood, The Jesus Secret

* "I am ecstatic about it and that is an understatement! It perfectly captures the essence of what I was trying to convey in writing this book. And, I like that you included in the text that it's a book children can read with their parents and alone. Anyway, it's great, well-worded, and articulate." --  Wayne L. Wilson, Kate, the Ghost Dog: Coping With the Death of a Pet 

* "Tracy, I can't thank you enough for the wonderful review.  I think everyone will be able to tell that I have my heart and soul into this little book.  I hope it helps some people." --  Roger Revak, Internal Vision: A Ten-Day Journey to True Happiness

* "Tracy, Thanks, I appreciate you and what you are doing for me.  You can be certain that I definitely will recommend you to anyone who is looking for either a review of their book and/or PR work.  You are TOPS!  Thanks, and please keep in touch."-- Catherine J Frompovich, ‘Our Chemical Lives and The Hijacking of our DNA’

*  " I want to complement you on your attention to detail and your overall performance in my behalf - well done. You have a permanent customer. I'll be back to promote all of my books with you." -- J. A. Hunsinger, Axe of Iron: The Settlers 

*  " I would like to thank you for reviewing the novel “ReBecoming” by J. R. Maxon and I do hope it added a bit of happiness to your life. I also sincerely appreciate the timeliness and depth of your review. You're very efficient. " -- Linda Kerr

*  "The review is wonderful and I would love for you to circulate it." -- Steve Butler, A Letter From Heaven

*  "Once again I am so pleased with your wonderful book review. You did it again; first for Once Upon A Sandcastle and now for The Joy of Being. I was immersed in tears when I read the review today. I guess, hearing my own story from you moved me in such a way that it was hard to control the feelings I had bottled up in me for so long. Your work is indeed professional and your service absolutely flawless. It couldn't possibly be any better." -- Hildegard Caringi

*  "I am very pleased with the review.  That is an understatement. You have climbed right into the authors head and articulated what he was trying to project when he wrote the book.." --- David Truskoff, What The Hell Is A Liberal 

*  "Thank you so very much for your wonderful book review. I am very happy and excited. My first book review ever! Thanks again. I will proudly show it off. "--- Hildegard Caringi, Once Upon a Sand Castle 

*  "Thank you for your review of BRAVE. You have done a very thorough job of catching the essence of our story. I like the fact that you pointed out the educational aspect of the book, and its message of helping children overcoming their fears." --- Marjie Knudsen, B.R.A.V.E (Be Ready And Victory's Easy)

*  "Would you believe me if I told you that my hands are shaking and I am sobbing with tears flowing down my cheeks..... Would you believe me if I told you I am immersed in sea of joy to read the review you wrote for my novel, Voice Of Conscience. I am so pleased that I can be even remotely compared with such a master as Shakespeare (my favorite author of all time - I have read and re-read all of his works many times). I would not change anything!" --- Behcet Kaya, Voice Of Conscience 

*  " I thank you for a very, very fine review, its what I tried to convey."-- Gerard Shirar,The Court-Martial of Charlie Newell 

*  "I just received your review. It is absolutely perfect! I love it. It is so beautifully and flowingly presented "-- Angus Munro, A Full House - But Empty

*  "I like the review mainly because you "actually read the book" instead on skimming through. :-) -- Jerome Byrd, Warriors and Goddesses.

*  "As a former publisher, editor, feature writer, and columnist, I appreciate how difficult it is to write succinctly and well. Your succinct review of my book is solid and well done" -- Frank Briganti, Questions for a Full Life 

*  "You do great work, and I hope to be able to report wonderful things happen as a result "-- Francine Hemway, The Big, Bad, O The Brutality of Obesity

*  "Thank you for truly understanding my work.  I definitely approve your review." -- Bryan Foreman, Killer Cain

*  "Thank you for the wonderful review! Very encouraging. Please submit it. -- Barbara Marjanovic, The Balkan Secret Conspiracy

*  "Thank you very, very much! It's good, very good! It just feels really good to be understood. You're a good writer. It's beautiful! "----Varujan Ughurlyan and Ana Malajaryan, The Dark Side of the Moon

* "I couldn't be more pleased. You have made my day." -- Don Haigh, Trials & Tribulations

*  "The review was excellent. Thanks for the brilliant and very fast service." -- Stephen Lee Cummings, The Bitten

*  "I was delighted to receive your review this morning and am pleased that you were able to "catch" so many elements of the book in your review. I will be proud to include your work in my promotional material." --- Nancy Parsons, Bald as a Bean

*  "I think this does a good presentation of key elements for the general reader. Thanks once again for your energetic, rapid and professional efforts to review the Upright Ape."--  Dr. Aaron Filler, The Upright Ape: A New Origin of the Species

*  "I am very pleased with the review. I have received reviews from other more established and prestigious book review magazInes, your review, so far, shows the best understanding of the book. "-- David Frango. The Quantum Enzyme Code, The Woman Who Discovered the Cure for AIDS: The Harmonic Synthesis

*  "Your review is excellent and I loved it. I am very pleased with your reaction. Please send it to everyone and their brother." -- William Thomas Kinsella, A Cross Estate {Allbooks Review Editor’s Choice Award Winner}

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